finding the right light

The Golden Hour process puts your business in the best light. We move through each phase with strategy and intention, and can promise results aligned with your vision, and your heart.

phase 1

We'll get right to the heart of your business, identifying your brand's voice, vision, and values. This information will form the foundation of our design process, helping us to frame your business in the best light.


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phase 2

Having identified your brand's goals, values, and so much more, we can begin crafting design concepts that speak right to your target audience - designing only once the essentials of your strategy have been solidified. 


phase 3

Here's where we make things golden. We'll collaborate on the final elements of design, ensuring every last detail rings true with your vision.


phase 4

Time to share your new brand with the world! Golden Hour will be by your side to launch with confidence and ease, building rich relationships with your target audience from the dawn of your business' first day!